Decorative Painting – Orion

Inspired by the latest trends and printing techniques we have acheived a look like no other decorative panel. The contrasting colours and metallic print create a subtle, sophisticated look for a bold style that is sure to impress!

Authenticated print in limited edition (1 – 50)
Designed by:
Maurizio Orrico

Size: 6’ 6” x 3’ 11”
Material: Composite Aluminum
Finish: Gold




It doesn’t matter the style of your interior decoration, but digital art painting always brings beauty and bright into modern home decor.
We love to give you the best modern home decor ideas to create the perfect ambiance at your home.
If you want to decorate your room with a modern interior design style, take a good look at this stunning example.
Can you see that the art work combines with both the amazing chairs and the spectacular rug? Together they create a fantastic atmosphere, sober and highly sophisticated.
A pure reflective gold finish, is an excellent choice for clients looking for that interior with a WOW factor that is breathtakingly bold.